Hi, Welcome to OVC - One Video Control's website

OVC - One Video Control lets you control all the videos you see while browsing - with your own control and your own configuration.

Why do I need it?!

It exposes  new ways to interact with videos:

  • A "popout" button to extract the video from the browser and play it as a "stand alone", also known as 'picture in picture'
  • Scrolling up and down to increase / decrease speed or volumeof the video (no more guessing if you want 1.25 or 1.75, just scroll up and down for faster and slower - with no limitation)
  • A button to  Toggle max speed on and off (very useful for fast forwarding advertisements when possible, or just to find that part in the video you are looking for)
  • Easy ways to go forward and backward, exposes a short skip and a long skip buttons (defaults to 5 and 30 seconds)
  • mute , repeat, and more to come!

The fun parts:

You can customize almost everything in your OVC control
  • The amount to change the speed, the number of seconds to jump forward or backward for short and long skips
  • The look and feel of the control (from a set of existing themes or create your own custom theme).
  • Wether to even show the control or hide it and control everything with you custom keyboard shortcuts, and many more!!
After  installing the extension, head to the settings page, and the keyboard shortcuts page and see for yourself :)